About Us

Universal Foundations is delivering excellence to the region’s foundation and piling industry since it was inaugurated. Our customers are assured that our engineers are advanced in the foundation, piling and ground engineering industry’s best practice, management, engineering, safety, quality, and innovation. Furthermore, our members are periodically audited individually to ensure that they meet industry’s standards.

Universal Foundations is always aware of the foundation, piling and ground engineering industry’s state-of-the- art technologies and upgrades its machineries with cuffing-edge ones. Additionally, Universal Foundations supplies quality, building raw materials. It has gained the reputation of being the supplier of the most compatible fill materials.


Services & Materials

Foundation Works
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Deep Foundations
  • Sheet Piling
  • Cantilever


De watering
  • Well Point System
  • Deep Well System


Demoltion Works
Back filling Works
Excavation Works
Sheet Piling Works (Side Shoring)
Excavated Materials Removal
Site Clearing Works

Material Supply

1. Daffan Type B
2. Type A
3. Double Washed Plaster Sand
4. Double Washed Sand
5. Single Washed Sand
6. Unwashed Sand (Marine Sand)
7. (RAK) Black Aggregate (All Sizes)
8. Saudi Sand
9. Local White Aggregate (All Sizes)
10. Hard Core (Stone All Sizes)
11. Desert Fill
12. Crusher (Class 3 Fill)
13. Sea Shells
14. Crusher Dust (Fine)